Friday, March 2, 2012

Guitar (Pink) Cellphone Charm for Sanyo cell

Guitar Pink
Guitar (Pink) Cellphone Charm for Sanyo cell
by CellularFactory

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Guitar (Pink) Cellphone Charm for Sanyo cell . SUMMARY: Accessorize your device with this universal charm strap, which is suitable for most cell phones, PDAs, portable games and music players. FEATURES: Fashionable design and colorJeweled charm loop string attaches to your electronic deviceGreat to use with any cell phone, PDA, portable game, MP3 and MP4 players that have lanyard holesSPECIFICATIONS: Product Color: Silver/PinkINSTRUCTIONS: On your device, locate lanyard holes. Pinch the charm loop at the end of the strap and string it through both holes.Once loop is through, string the strap end of the charm through the charm loop and pull tight to make a slip knot.The charm is now secure.IMPORTANT NOTE: This hand strap is not a wristlet. The strap is not long enough to fit an adult???s hand. This strap is meant to be used as a charm, rather than a lanyard. Compatible With Sanyo Juno SCP-2700 Incognito SCP-6760 Mirro SCP-3810 Vero SCP-3820 PRO-700 Taho E4100 KATANA II 6650 SCP7050 SCP-7050 KATANA LX KATANA ECLIPSE X KATANA SCP-6600 S1 SCP8100 SCP-8100 SCP3200 SCP-3200 MM7400 MM-7400 MM8300 MM-8300 KATANA DLX SCP-8500 VI2300 VI-2300 SCP3100 SCP-3100 M1 SCP2400 SCP-2400 RL4930 RL-4930 RL2000 RL-2000 SCP8400 SCP-8400 PRO-200 SCP-4500 RL4920 RL-4920 MM7500 MM-7500 PM8200 PM-8200 SCP4900 SCP-4900 SCP200 SCP-200 SCP7000 SCP-7000 SCP5150 SCP-5150 RL7300 RL-7300 SCP4700 SCP-4700 SCP7200 SCP-7200 SCP5300 SCP-5300 SCP5500 SCP-5500 MM9900 MM-9900 MM5600 MM-5600 MM9000 MM-9000 SCP6000 SCP-6000 5400 SCP6200 SCP-6200 RL2500 RL-2500 SCP6400 SCP-6400 VM4500 VM-4500

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