Friday, March 30, 2012

Black Lanyard Charm for Olympus camera

Black Lanyard
Black Lanyard Charm for Olympus camera
by CellularFactory

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Black Lanyard Charm for Olympus camera . This lanyard/neck strap is suitable for most cell phones, PDAs, portable games and music players. Accessorize your device with this universal lanyard, while keeping it safe around your neck.FEATURES:Durable, yet fashionable braided design Charm loop string attaches to your electronic device Long enough to wear around your neck Great to use with any cell phone, PDA, portable game, MP3 and MP4 players that have lanyard holes. SPECIFICATIONS:Product Length:15.35 inchProduct Weight:0.42 ozProduct Color: BlackINSTRUCTIONS:On your device, locate lanyard holes. Pinch the charm loop at the end of the lanyard and string it through both holes. Once loop is through, string the braided end of the lanyard through the charm loop and pull tight to make a slip knot. The lanyard is now secure and ready to use. Compatible With Olympus SP-800UZ Stylus Tough 8010 FE-4020 FE-4000 Stylus Tough 3000 Stylus Tough 6020 FE-340 Stylus Tough 6000 FE-4030 X-940 SZ-10 Stylus 850 SW Stylus 7030 Stylus 1010 VG-120 Stylus 1020 TG-310 Stylus 1030 SW VG-140 FE-46 FE-20 FE-230 C-5050 FE-4010 FE-370 FE-47 VR-320 SP-600UZ VR-310 XZ-1 FE-5020 TG-610 Stylus 1050 SW FE-310 Stylus 5010 TG-810 C-8080 Stylus 7010 C-740 FE-280 FE-210 FE-190 FE-360 D-535 SZ-30MR C-770 X-960 FE-26 VR-330 X-43 SZ-11 Stylus 720 SW Stylus Tough 8000 C-60 C-750 FE-5010 Stylus 820 FE-170 SP-610UZ Mju 1040 Stylus 790 SW Stylus 9000 VG-110 C-520 Stylus 770 SW Stylus 1040 Stylus 710 C-5000 FE-3010 Stylus 840 FE-320 SP-350 C-7070 Mju 7000 C-765 FE-200 FE-220 C-725 SZ-20 Mju 840 Stylus 400 Stylus 830 C-720 Stylus 740 D-395 Mju Tough 6010 C-700 FE-25 D-560 Stylus 550WP FE-270 FE-4040 Stylus 1000 FE-240 VG-130 Stylus 760 u-760 FE-130 Tough 7010 Stylus Tough 7010 C-50 Stylus 300 D-550 Stylus 600 FE-100 D-380 FE-115 SP-310 Stylus 7040 D-435 C-7000 D-540 C-5500 C-450 FE-300 Stylus 750 D-390 SP-320 D-595 Tough TG-820 iHS D-460 D-425 TG-820 D-575 Stylus 500 Stylus Verve C-4040 Mju 5000 C-460 D-510 FE-110

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